About Me

I have a passion for creating wedding films and we believe our work is important.

Jeff Bradt

It is such an honor to play a role in possibly the most meaningful day in someone's life. My ultimate goal is to capture and preserve the promise of hope. More than anything else a wedding is about hope. As the years go by, we sometimes lose sight of the buoyant optimism that fills the wedding day. The look in a bride's eye as she dances with her new husband or the words of the groom as he tells how he felt when the doors to the church opened and he saw his bride enter on her father's arm. These are priceless moments that when captured and woven into a movie can renew the hope and optimism that exists on the wedding day. I am humbled by the potential significance of my work.

My road to wedding films began at a young age when my father introduced me to photography and gave me my first camera. After years of practice I won some awards in local and national photo contests. I later found a deeper passion for motion pictures as I learned how emotionally powerful the addition of sound and motion could be when processed with the ultra modern editing technology that exists today. The wedding movie of today was not possible just a few years ago.

My very unique approach to wedding films also includes the Story Teller option where I interview the bride and groom before and after the wedding. Their words will enhance the story as they express their feelings. This adds as emotional dimension that is not otherwise possible.

Forming relationships with my clients is something I truly enjoy and it is also an important element in my ability to tell the wedding day story.

We would be thrilled to capture and preserve the hope and excitement of your very special day!