Kaitlyn and Jordan’s Wedding Highlight Film – Huguenot Mill Loft Reception – Greenville SC

Kaitlyn and Jordan, I don’t know how to thank you! Kaitlyn, when we met the first time I knew this film was going to be a true passion for me. Then when I got to know Jordan during the love story filming I realized just how much fun we’d have. From the rehearsal dinner…to the wedding day…and then to the post wedding filming at Skytop Apple Orchard…it was all such a blast and such a wonderful experience. This is why I love my “job”! Thank you for that gift.

Telling this story took some extra time due to the amount of powerful content we had filmed along the way. And that’s the best problem to have! I truly hope this film captures who you are right now…because that’s important! As you’re lives move forward, my hope is that you can always revisit this precious snapshot of one of the most important crossroads you’ll ever encounter. It was such an honor for me to be part of it.

And working with the incredible team of Jamie Player, Christine Faust, Jana Candler and The Mighty Kicks at the Huguenot Loft…Awesome!! Thanks guys!

Lisa and Anthony’s Wedding Film – Destination Wedding at Old Edwards Inn – Highlands NC

Lisa and Anthony held their destination wedding at the incredibly beautiful Old Edwards Inn and Old Edward’s Club in Highlands NC. ¬†It was a wonderful family affair with lots of fun, singing and dancing!

Always a blast to work with Craig and Lindsey of Sposa Bella Photography …and the awesome team from Asheville Events…led by Melissa!

Katherine and Brett’s Cinematic Wedding Highlight

I loved this wedding! ūüôā And I loved both families…

We spent an amazing day in Roswell Georgia with Kat and Brett and their families to capture a celebration that was truly special! Sometimes everything just comes together perfectly. It was our first time working with the amazing photographer Nina Sutherland. She is not only very talented but also just such a sweet person.

Kat and Brett…just thank you. Thank you for trusting us with this film and I hope you treasure it for many many years!

Leann and Billy’s Wedding Highlight Film – Monroe NC

Leann and Billy were married in Monroe NC on a beautiful October day! I’ve filmed other weddings for the family in the past and they always make me feel like I’m family…that’s just how warm they all are. The wedding was incredible and great fun for me to create this film to help them remember all the special moments. Leanne and Billy, thank you so much! More to come later!

Lisa and Anthony’s Wedding Highlight – Old Edward’s Club in Highlands, NC

Lisa and Anthony were married at one of the most beautiful wedding locations I’ve ever seen. Their wedding was a gathering of their closest family and friends and it was a very emotional weekend for sure. The kids played a big role in this one and it was just plain fun all the way around! Lisa and Anthony, thank you so much for everything…it was an honor!!

And what a special team I got to work with that weekend too. From Craig and Lindsey of Sposa Bella Photography (always fun!!)…to the awesome team from Asheville Events…led by Melissa!

Lanie and Andrew’s Wedding Feature Film – The Mississippi Delta

Lanie and Andrew, thank you so much for allowing me and Rachael to film your incredible wedding weekend! This was our second trip to the Delta and I have to say it was another wonderful experience! Getting to know you two and your families was very special to us. What amazing words we captured at your rehearsal dinner. After Friday night I knew we were going to have some very special footage and audio to work into your feature…and boy was I right!

I hope you enjoy this for many years to come. You both have a very special story and it has been an honor to create this for you!

Chandler and Harley’s Wedding Highlight – Thornblade Club – Greenville SC

Chandler and Harley…thank you so much! It was an honor and a thrill for me to spend that day with you and then to have the chance to relive it through the edit.

The emotion of your notes and gift exchanges was something very special. The ceremony had special meaning and then the incredible party and the very memorable send-off!! Wow! I hope this highlight film will be special to you for many years to come.

Amanda and Michael’s Wedding Highlight – Ryan Nicholas Inn – Greenville SC

Amanda and Michael were married in Greenville SC at The First Presbyterian Church downtown with a reception at the beautiful Ryan Nicholas Inn in Mauldin SC. They not only had a first look, but Amanda had a first look with her dad too. Amanda had told me that her dad would probably be emotional…and she was right! But it wasn’t just her dad…the entire day was filled with love and emotion! But it was definitely party time at the reception too! Amanda and Michael, it was such an honor for me to spend that day with you and to create this short film that will hopefully remind you of your incredible day for a long time to come!

Anna Beth and Chris’ Wedding Highlight

I knew this was going to be a really special wedding film the first time I talked to Anna Beth. ¬†That was a while ago…and over the months she and I became friends and there was a clearly a special connection. ¬†It’s that sort of connection that is so important to me when I am creating a wedding film because it gives me creative energy…and it’s the reason I love my job!!

Anna Beth and Chris were married in the same town where they grew up, got engaged and where they are now living. ¬†Everything about the day was genuine and very personal. ¬†It was such an honor to be part of their day! ¬†And what a great pleasure it was to work with Sunday Grant for the first time! ¬†She’s a great photographer and made the day so much fun!

Selvy and Blake’s Wedding Highlight Film – Poinsett Club – Greenville SC

There are sweet couples and then there are SWEET COUPLES! Selvy and Blake just made out jobs so easy! Wow, what an honor to be part of their incredible wedding weekend. Both families were so full of love, happiness and excitement. It was just incredible. I hope you can feel the emotions that I did¬†in this short film. I told Selvy that I would have completed it faster but I kept watching it myself…it just felt GOOD!!

And what a special team I got to work with that weekend too. From the Lazy Goat for the rehearsal dinner (my favorite rehearsal dinner location)…to Craig and Lindsey of Sposa Bella Photography (always a treat!!)…to one of the finest planning teams I’ve worked with, Meg and Taylor of Oliver – Hooper Events!