"Thank you for helping in a MOST important way to allow us to enjoy the wedding of our precious children forever.  You  have the most unique gift, and I am so glad that we chose you for this beautiful rehearsal dinner and wedding (and for the day of preparation with the girls at our house! What fun!).

God puts people in our lives for all the right reasons and at the right time. Actually, I think He had everything to do with our choice to have you do our video.  We did not do it at  our son's wedding because it just did not occur to us…..and I have regretted that ever since.  Three of the four grandparents had passed away within a year and we would never have the opportunity  to recapture it…...The faces and the people and the voices of this past weekend  And of all the things we did for the wedding, I know we will cherish your videography and the CD's more than you can ever imagine.

Please stay in touch and,most of all, know how important you will always be to us!!!!!"

Deloris Mungo Mother of bride, Russ and Mary's wedding

"I watched your video and I was AMAZED! I see a lot of wedding videos, but Jeff, that was breathtaking. It was like watching a movie! I LOVED IT! I mean that! I will be referring you to EVERY one of my brides!"

Jana Candler Wedding Photographer

"We watched the video last night and absolutely loved it! You did an amazing job! It was so fun to re-live the day and see it from an outside perspective. At the end of the video, my dad said, "Whatever we paid for that, it was worth it!" Haha! The video left me wanting more! I remember asking you before the wedding about getting the raw footage slightly edited. Is that still possible to do? And how much was that again? Thank you so much for everything Jeff! I'm so excited to have my wedding on video, and I know we wouldn't have gotten the same result if we would have used anyone else! It was definitely all worth it! :)"

Emily Peters: Bride – Emily and Russell

"Awesome – Thank you for doing that. Having "suffered through" friends wedding video's, this one was a great portrait of the essence of Corey and Phil; their values, personalities, and vision for life as it should be was presented in an entertaining fashion. Great job."

Dr. Dale Hunt: Father of groom – Corey and Philip

"Now that I have had a few nights of SLEEP, I am able to write a few quick thank yous to those who really went above and beyond to make our wedding celebration perfect. You are at the top of that list, Jeff! Nobody worked harder, and took their job more seriously than you did. I can't tell you how many folks commented on the fact that you were truly everywhere at once....capturing EVERYTHING! I know you were exhausted, as were all of us, but want you to know that the evening was everything we dreamed of and more. Thank you for caring so much about your work, and capturing every moment possible so that we can relive and remember for years to come!

Diane Leshman: Mother of Bride – Rebecca and Bill

"It was a breath-taking experience to watch the highlight! Vaughn and I both cried and unthinkably I caught a tear also in the guys' eyes. We are extremely pleased and are so happy we went with the cinematic version!"

Dawn Layne: Mother of bride – Vaughn and Cam

"Thank you so much for the incredible wedding video you made for us. We watched it with our family over Thanksgiving and everyone absolutely loved it. The music is perfect and it was so wonderful to relive all of those special moments with our loved ones. I have already been telling our friends who are deployed about the video, especially that part that showed a great moment with Chris and all of them. They are looking forward to seeing it. The video is truly a piece of art and we feel so fortunate to have such a special way to remember our beautiful wedding. Thank you again for helping us celebrate such a happy time in our lives."

Merideth and Chris Sanders: Bride and Groom

"Jeff, Beyond words... To say the video is like a movie or like Hollywood is not enough. You are in your own category. "

John Gillespie: Wedding Photographer