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Kalen + Parks Wedding Highlight in Highlands, NC

Kalen and Parks are both from Tampa Florida but chose The Old Edwards Inn, in Highlands NC for their destination wedding. Wow, this was an amazing combination of beautiful details, first class entertainment, a breathtaking mountain setting and two families who were thrilled to be celebrating the wedding of a beautiful couple who were very much in love. My goal for this edit was to do my best to tie all of those elements together. It was truly an honor to film this wedding. Calder Clark Designs and the Old Edwards Inn out did themselves on this one!

Jacqueline and Michael's Wedding Highlight

Jacqueline and Michael were married in the Mississippi Delta and it was our first trip to that beautiful part of the country. My home state of South Carolina is known for friendliness but from the first time I talked to Jacqueline on the phone I discovered how warm and genuine she was. This wedding was filled with love, beauty and palpable emotions that made it one of the most amazing weddings we’ve ever filmed!

Allie and Edward's Wedding Highlight

Allie and Edward were married at the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands NC. It is truly one of the premier wedding venues in the Southeast. We filmed the rehearsal dinner on Friday night and the toasts were priceless! I used many of those words in their cinematic edits. This reception was beyond compare! The Right On Band was sensational! There was another very special treat: everyone there was blown away by the artist, Ronald Bayens, who did a live painting of the reception as-it-happened! Truly a remarkable weekend.