Yi-Ching and Ryan’s Wedding Highlight

Yi-Ching and Ryan were married in Des Moines Iowa in August.  Filming this wedding was very emotional for me and my wife Donna because Ryan is our nephew.  Ryan met Yi-Ching several years ago while they were both studying cello at The University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music.  Yi-Ching’s family is from Taiwan and they had to endure several long separations.  Ryan was determined to make the relationship work and he decided that he should learn Mandarin…so he did!  This highlight is one of the most emotional pieces I’ve ever edited….full of beautiful words, tears, laughter and love.  There are sections of Chinese in here that I don’t feel need translation.  The translation can be seen on their faces.

Yi-Ching and Ryan, I love you both very much.  I hope this short film will be very very special to you, as it is to me.

  • Photography: Paula Maxheim of Maxheim Photography.  Paula was WONDERFUL to work with!!  I know she’s a long way from my home of South Carolina but we’ll have to find a way to work together again.
  • Reception Venue: The Des Moines Club on the 34th floor of the Ruan Building in Downtown Des Moines Iowa