Heather and Mark’s Wedding Highlight at the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands NC

Heather and Mark were married on a beautiful crisp autumn day in the gorgeous North Carolina mountains at one of the most incredible wedding locations anywhere: The Old Edwards Inn and Spa in Highlands NC. I went up on Friday to film the rehearsal dinner, which gave me an opportunity to get some awesome fall aerial shots. And the talks at the rehearsal dinner were so very special. I included one very special toast from the rehearsal dinner in this highlight but I had several incredible toasts to choose from. The more I film rehearsal dinners, the more I realize the importance of capturing those once in a lifetime moments! I don’t know if I’ve ever filmed a couple that were more in love. I had a permanent smile on my face the whole weekend and during every minute of these edits. Wow, this was a special event that I was so honored to be filming. Mark and Heather, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was an experience I won’t forget. It’s because of people like you that I film weddings.

Lindsay and Victor’s Wedding Highlight at the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands NC

Lindsay and Victor were married at the beautiful Old Edwards Inn in Highlands NC. I love filming there and this wedding was very special. Their families and friends traveled a long way and there was plenty of love to go around! What an honor it was for me to be there.

It’s very clear to me that Lindsay and Victor are best friends and what a wonderful way that is to begin a marriage!

Thank you both so very much for allowing me to create this wedding film for you!

Alicia and Brian’s Wedding Highlight – Greenville SC Certus Loft

Alicia and Brian had one heck of a wedding and reception in downtown Greenville SC at the Certus Loft!  I was there at the Wyche Pavilion to film Brian’s proposal to Alicia earlier in the year so that spot is very special to them!  Everything about the day was fun and a true celebration. Every shot of their faces showed excitement and pure happiness. What an honor to be there to capture it for them! I feel a special connection to Alicia’s family since this is the third wedding I’ve filmed for them. I just wish there were three more! 🙂

Alicia and Brian, I hope you enjoy this for many years to come and thank you so very much for allowing me to create this for you!

Nealy and Alex’s Wedding Highlight – Greenville SC Certus Loft

Nealy and Alex were married in Greenville SC with their ceremony at the beautiful Furman University Chapel and a spectacular reception at the Certus Loft on the Reedy River in Greenville SC. Everything about this wedding weekend was special!! We filmed the rehearsal dinner at the Greenville Poinsett Club and captured some very emotional and special words. The reception was off the chart with one of the best wedding bands anywhere: Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters!

They had a very unique honeymoon too. They left the day after their wedding for Louisville KY so Alex could caddie for Ben Martin in the PGA Championship. How’s that for back-to-back excitement!

Their short form cinematic film will also be coming out soon…and it’s a good thing because we couldn’t fit in all the excitement into this highlight!

Nealy and Alex I can’t thank you enough! I have enjoyed every moment starting with our first meeting at Starbucks!

Heather’s Father / Daughter Song and Dance at Old Edwards Inn, Highlands NC

I just filmed Heather and Mark’s wedding at the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands NC and I just had to share this! Heather’s dad and I are both drummers but unlike me, Tony can SING! It was truly and honor to be present and capture this special moment.