Leslie and Daniel’s First Dance

This is one special first dance!! How often does the Matron of Honor sing it? Katie Godowns doesn’t just sing it…she knocks it out of the park! I had the privilege to film Katie’s wedding a couple years ago and Leslie was Katie’s Maid of Honor. Leslie didn’t sing but she gave a really special toast. ūüôā Those two have a very special relationship and that’s what made me know I had to post this for everyone to share.

Amber and Michael’s Wedding Highlight Movie

Amber and Michael were married at The Reserve at Lake Keowee, South Carolina in September.¬† We filmed their rehearsal dinner Friday night and then started very early Saturday morning to capture the incredible natural surroundings that¬†made the perfect setting for those two. Michael and his guys spent time playing football on the lawn while the girls hung out in one of the beautiful homes. ¬†My wife Donna and I have known Amber and her family for years and felt so honored to be part of Amber and Michael’s¬†wedding. After filming¬†their rehearsal dinner movie, and asking them to talk about their love for each other, it was obvious that the wedding day was going to be special.¬† When you hear the emotion in their voices, you can’t help but realize the same thing. Amber and Michael, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your incredible wedding weekend! Enjoy this highlight and know I’ll be putting my whole heart into your main movie too.

All music licensed through Songfreedom.com.

Kalen and Parks’ Full Wedding Movie

Every now and then we run into a couple that are just especially emotional along with families that are the same. And every now and then we film especially spectacular and beautiful events. This wedding had everything! Caulder Clark of Calder Clark Designs in Charleston SC created a truly magnificent wedding!  The level of detail was just incredible.   I previously posted their first dance and highlight at The Old Edwards Inn, in Highlands NC. I am now posting their full wedding movie!  This one is 28 minutes, which is little longer than our typical wedding films, but there were so many beautiful words and events to include.

Thanks one more time Kalen and Parks!!

This project has been an honor for me and Christy.  We both thoroughly enjoyed pouring our hearts into the filming and editing of this movie.

Yi-Ching and Ryan’s Wedding Highlight

Yi-Ching and Ryan were married in Des Moines Iowa in August.¬† Filming this wedding was very emotional for me and my wife Donna because Ryan is our nephew.¬† Ryan met Yi-Ching several years ago while they were both studying cello at The University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music.¬† Yi-Ching’s family is from Taiwan and they had to endure several long separations.¬† Ryan was determined to make the relationship work and he decided that he should learn Mandarin…so he did!¬† This highlight is one of the most emotional pieces I’ve ever edited….full of beautiful words, tears, laughter and love.¬† There are sections of Chinese in here that I don’t feel need translation.¬† The translation can be seen on their faces.

Yi-Ching and Ryan, I love you both very much.  I hope this short film will be very very special to you, as it is to me.

  • Photography:¬†Paula Maxheim¬†of Maxheim Photography.¬† Paula was WONDERFUL to work with!!¬† I know she’s a long way from my home of South Carolina but we’ll have to find a way to work together again.
  • Reception Venue: The Des Moines Club on the 34th floor of the Ruan Building in Downtown Des Moines Iowa

Leslie and Daniel’s Wedding Highlight

Okay I’ve been filming weddings for several years and my first couple of weddings were family but this is the first since then!¬† I have to admit, I felt very honored to have been¬†asked by my niece and her family¬†to create her wedding movie.¬† Leslie and Daniel had me film their¬†rehearsal dinner on Lake Murray and then the full wedding day at the Doubletree Hotel and St. James Lutheran Church in Lexington SC.¬† It was an extra treat to get to work with Clark and Becky Berry, two of the nicest and best wedding photographers in the state.¬† Also, my very good friends James¬†and Marianna Player helped me film this wedding.¬† A huge thanks to them!!¬† What an¬†honor¬†all the way around!¬† Leslie and Daniel,¬†it was a wonderful experience to spend those two days with you and watch the excitement in your eyes and on your faces.¬† I¬†hope this highlight movie will bring it back to life for you!¬† It has been very moving for me to put it together.¬† Enjoy!¬†¬†And I love you both very much!